Quickie with a Co-Worker

3 min readFeb 12, 2024

The night was unusually quiet. The office had emptied out, the janitors had finished their rounds, and the entire floor had an eerie, still ambiance. The only sound was the faint humming of the air conditioner and the clicking of keyboards. There was me and Sarah, a coworker with whom I’d always shared a sizzling chemistry.

The Dress:
I was wearing a crisp white shirt, the first two buttons casually undone, and dark blue trousers that fit snugly. Sarah was in a figure-hugging pencil skirt that ended just above her knees and a white blouse. The blouse was semi-transparent, revealing just the hint of a lacy bra underneath. Every time she leaned forward, the top of her cleavage would tease, making my heart race.

The Lust:
Our conversations had always bordered on flirty, but tonight, there was a charged energy between us. Perhaps it was the confinement of the office space or the fact that we were alone. Our discussions started veering off-topic, moving from work to personal interests. Each time she laughed or tilted her head, her perfume wafted over, a mix of musk and vanilla, intoxicating my senses.

The Tease:
As we discussed the project, I couldn’t help but notice her foot sliding against my leg under the table. It was a soft, teasing touch, but deliberate. She pretended as if nothing was happening, but her slightly flushed cheeks gave her away. My hands, which were on the table, inched closer to hers, our fingers touching and then intertwining. The electricity was palpable. She shifted in her seat, her skirt riding up a tad, revealing more of her silky thighs.

The Touch:
Unable to resist any longer, my hand left hers and slid onto her knee. She let out a soft gasp, but her eyes, darkened with desire, told me to continue. My fingers traced the inside of her thigh, moving upwards. She bit her lip, her breathing shallow. Leaning over, I kissed her, our tongues exploring and tasting each other. My other hand began unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her lacy bra. Her breasts heaved as I cupped them, her nipples hardening under my touch.

Reaching for the Pussy:
Her blouse now completely unbuttoned, I shifted my attention downwards. I caressed her over her skirt, feeling the heat…




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